Conceptual image of a domestic battery

Boost your solar system


Outsmart escalating
energy prices

Even if you have solar panels installed, without having a battery storage system, when your panels aren’t producing electricity, your household pulls from the grid. By including a battery within your system, you can dramatically reduce the amount of electricity you import from the grid. And if you reduce that ‘electricity import’ figure, you reduce your bills!

Reduce reliance
on the grid

We’re increasingly reliant on the grid for our electricity and even though having solar panels means we can generate and use our own electricity. If we have no means of storing it, there are times when we have do have to resort to pulling from the grid which comes not only at a cost but can be unreliable when it comes to potential outages. We aim to make ‘the grid’ the back-up to your back-up!

Use your own energy,
when it’s needed most.

When the sun goes down, our demand for electricity goes up. By having your own battery storage system, you can store the electricity your home has generated and let it see you through the night without having to rely on the grid.